Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Introduction to Terms & Conditions

Who we are

Rise 10x is a digital services company committed to delivering top-notch online experiences and solutions. Our website, https://rise10x.com, provides a portal to our services, which is subject to various Terms and Conditions. You might also enter into supplementary contracts concerning your association with us or any products/services you obtain from us. In the event of any contradictions between the clauses of these additional agreements and those of these Terms, the supplementary agreements will take control.


We highly value your feedback and extend an invitation to engage in constructive conversations within the comments section of our website. Nevertheless, we emphasize adherence to our Comment Policy. We maintain the prerogative to screen and remove comments that display abusive, defamatory, or inappropriate language.


All the media featured on our website, such as images, videos, and various forms of multimedia, enjoys legal protection under copyright and intellectual property regulations. These valuable assets are exclusively intended for the purpose of promoting Rise 10x, and any unauthorized usage, replication, or distribution of our media resources is strictly prohibited.

Who We Share Your Information With

We are concerned about your privacy. Rise 10x does not sell, trade, or exchange your personal information with third-party marketers. We may collaborate with reputable service providers or partners solely to enhance our services and elevate your user experience.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We retain your personal information for the duration necessary to achieve the specified purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy. Our data undergoes routine evaluations and assessments to maintain accuracy and currency. You can request that your data be deleted at any time, as outlined in the section labeled ‘Your Data Rights’ below.

What are your data ownership rights?

  • receive details concerning the handling of their personal information unless stipulated otherwise by federal statutes. The operator shall furnish this information in an easily comprehensible manner to the data subject, devoid of any personal data associated with other data subjects, except when there exist lawful reasons for revealing such personal data. The catalog of information and the means for its acquisition are determined by the Personal Data Law;
  • Ensure that the operator verifies and rectifies their personal information, restricts or eradicates it in cases of incomplete, outdated, erroneous, unlawfully acquired, or non-essential personal data for the intended processing purpose, and also enforces legal actions to safeguard their rights;
  • put forward the condition of prior consent when processing personal data in order to market goods, works, and services; 
  • Allow individuals to withdraw their consent for personal data processing;
  • File an appeal with the authorized organization for the protection of personal data subjects’ rights or in court against the operator’s unlawful conduct or omissions when processing his personal data.

Where Your Data Is Sent?

Rise 10x and its trusted affiliates may responsibly manage and store your information across global locations. We want to assure you that we diligently implement all required measures to safeguard and protect your data, adhering to the relevant data protection laws. We appreciate your effort in reviewing Rise 10x’s Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries or grievances about these terms or any facet of our website, please get in touch. We hold your privacy, security, and contentment as paramount.